God’s healing power is real!

I’ve been in rodney howard browne’s meetings where he has laid hands on many sick people, and they’ve been healed! That’s where i learned how to pray for the sick. one time i was witnessing to a lady who had been deaf in both ears. After she accepted the Lord in her heart, I asked if i could lay hands on her ears. When I commanded her ears to be opened in the Name of Jesus, they both opened and she could hear me just fine. Before this she had to read lips. I made sure she wasn’t reading my lips anymore and that she could hear out of both ears! God is so Good! I would encourage anyone to watch these meetings online.

Be apart of the Great Awakening

Wow, God is definitely moving in America!  God has spoken to Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne to stir up and mobilize the churches to go out on streets and share the Gospel.  America is being saved one person at a time.  You can see what’s happening this week in Gainesville, FL.  Even download your own soulwinning script and let God use you.  You won’t be sorry, there’s nothing like God’s power flowing out of you.

God looks on the heart.

This is one thing I love about the Lord, He looks at our heart.  Man judges and looks at the outward signs, for instance, what it looks like you may be capable of.  But if your heart is following after God and you are hungry for him, it doesn’t matter what people think.  God will use you in spite of your short comings.  Just take a look at the life of Moses, as an ordinary man he wasn’t capable of much.  But he surrendered his heart to be used by God.  That’s especially what I’ve learned from Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne in my own life.  Take a deeper look at the life lesson here.