June 5, 2008

While on vacation, Pastors Rodney and Adonica decided to hold a Holy Ghost and Fire Conference in Norway. The place is packed to capacity with hungry people from all over Europe. Rodney Howard BrowneRodney Howard BrowneRodney Howard BrowneRodney Howard BrownRodney Howard BrowneRodney-howard-browneRodney Howard BrowneRodney Howard Browne

Revival/church service

I came over to America for an impartation at the Lakelands revival. I was invited to the service on Sunday by Nathan Morris who gave his testimony in the meeting. I was prayed for by Pastor Rodney and felt God in power on my life. Now I shake when the power of God is on me. On returning to my home church, I prayed for the other leaders in the church who are now on fire. I started a Saturday night meeting where on the first night a lady was delivered. A visiting pastor came to preach and I prayed and laid hands on him before the meeting and then afterwards. He fell down under the power of God. The second Saturday night meeting more peopel come from other churches for an impartation, including a Methodist minister friend who oversees 5 churches. She has received a touch from God. (Continue to pray as there needs to be more of a release.) My wife, who is a leader for a local woman’s aglow, was also prayer for by Pastor Rodney and she has prayer for the area woman’s aglow leaders. I am arranging to go out on the streets this week. (If it ever stops raining) using the script from your web site. Also I will be preaching at two other churches this weekend where I intend to impart to the people there. I went to Exiter last weekend, intending to tell Pastor Rodney thank you. He did pray again for my wife and I, and recognized us. In the excitement I didn’t get to thank him. If it is possible could you let him know that this has been a great time for us and will be for ever grateful. John V.