Estefani Aragon Testimonials

I am a first year bible college student, and I just want to say that I feel extremely privileged to be here in school (RBI), and to be a part of the River Church. I see how this church feeds people spiritually and also physically as well. There’s a food ministry at the church that provides people that are in need, with food. But the main thing I love about this church is the fact that it goes after souls. I have never seen or heard of another church that goes out to win souls, (evangelize) as much as this church. It feels great to be a part of Pastor Rodney’s ministry that does outreaches out to the city. And it’s not just once every two or three months, or whenever they feel like it, but it’s every week, every day, there’s always a group going out to soul win. Just last Sunday, December 13, 2009, there was a special outreach service in the River Church that was just amazing.

I was in the nursery serving, and we were expecting a lot of 1-2 year old babies that were going to come that morning because the church was giving out toys for children for Christmas and food to everyone, and many people and babies came. I was in charge to take care of four babies that I got the privilege to tell them about Jesus and to pray with them. It was just wonderful to see the little babies accepting Jesus in their heart. And just to show them love. There was this little 1 year old boy who at first was crying and screaming at the top of his lungs when his parents dropped him off, because he wasn’t use to being away from his mom, but a little after he got use to being there and started playing. While the kids were playing and some were crying and yelling, I was thinking to myself, “Oh my goodness this is hard!” But at the same time, I could see outside through the windows everything that was going on.

There was a radio station van outside, people from the church getting the area ready where they were going to give out toys, and the other area where they were going to give out the food, and then I realized that maybe it was a little tough to be with the babies, but that it was worth it because that’s where I put my time to serve, and everyone had their place to be. And we all came together as a team and with God’s help, made it all happen and gave out the toys and the food.