Wynn Jason Testimonials

A few weeks ago The River of Tampa Bay began planning a Spanish Christmas outreach. Many details were discussed and many man hours were put in to prepare for such a large event. So, after many hours of prayer and preparation the day finally came.

The first thing I saw when making the corner into the church property was a parking lot about a quarter of the way full with the cars of the many volunteers who were there about an hour and half before service. Also we had eight charter buses parked out in front of the church getting ready to make there rounds .This was expecting I knew that was going to be a big day for Jesus and we would get to be a part of it.

This was to be an amazing experience .To see so many of Gods people work together for one purpose, SOULS, was so encouraging. I believe that it was a life changing day for the 1335 people in attendance. We saw over 300 River members serve in the ministry of helps. With 345 people answering the altar call. To be apart of something that has such an impact on eternity was a huge honor for us all.

Pastor Rodney closed the service, but the day was not over. Pastor Eric then made the announcement that it time for us to give away the toys and the boxes of food; After the church emptied into the parking lot, many children were blessed with toys that were given to them in the name of Jesus. To actually get to physically show these children the goodness of God is awesome. But not only were the children blessed; the adults were given food that should last them about a week, which means we were able to feed them spiritually and physically. This is what people need to hear and see how much God loves them. We are so thankful that God is using us for His plan and purpose.