What i witnessed Sunday and past Sunday

I work in the children’s church and have been since school started. I am so amazed and in wondrous awe at how open the kids esp. the kids that come on the bus are towards Jesus and love and the Holy Spirit. We love on these kids and teach them the Word of God and when they saw those toys they were ecstatic! Some kids this is the only place where they are shown love. They come from broken homes with no fathers, our ministry is mainly to the children but the parents ARE ministered too by the awesome bus ministry. I thank God that I’m blessed to work with these kids and see their fruit. A lot of them don’t know Jesus but I have witnessed almost all of them come to the Lord and receive the Holy Spirit. They are very hungry for the things of God.

I have also done phone ministry and talking to the people who ride the bus is a joy. They are changing and their lives are. I see the Book of acts ministry being done in full swing at the Children’s Church. The kids were extremely happy to receive toys on Sunday as some come from very poor families in the projects and this may be their only toy for Christmas. We teach them the true meaning of Christmas, which does not include Santa Claus and Rudolph or the Christmas elves. Jesus is the reason for the season we teach under the watchful eye of Pastor Dawn, Pastor Adonica’s mother.

We always have an altar call every Sunday and last Sunday was no different. Over 100 kids came to the altar call and gave their lives to the Lord. This was awesome to see!
Our praise and worship is an intimate experience for the kids and staff as well. The Holy Spirit falls on everyone.