Winter Campmeeting 2008 – Elizabeth G Testimony

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Our marriage was healed during the “marriage” meeting. We received it by faith. We had terrible trouble communicating and had cried out for years to the Lord for help. Nothing happened at that time. The next morning we were praying in the spirit for our marriage. We went deeper with our forgiveness for each other. Still nothing changed, until we “re-consummated” our marriage! That stronghold was broken off. We have been healed and our marriage is being restored. Valentine’s Day was amazing! Praise God! Thank you Pastors Rodney and Adonica!

Jim and Elizabeth G
Sointula British Columbia Canada

Winter Campmeeting 2008 |Elizabeth S Testimony

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I was watching TV and they had a revival going on so I watched it the last two nights this was about two weeks ago. I had sent in a prayer request over internet. And then our son asked us to babysit our grandkids as they had to go out of state. We where in the car going to check on our house and dog. The grandkids just out of the clear blue sky starting asking all kind of questions about Jesus and what kids at school had been telling them about Jesus. So we I started telling them about Jesus and something they were told where not true and they ask if their mom and dad where saved and I told them I did not know. So they ask if we would talk to them about being saved. So I ask them if they wanted me to lead them in a sinner’s prayer to bring Jesus into their lives and that Jesus would reveal how real He was to them. I just couldn’t believe that I got to lead my own grandchildren to Jesus what a blessing and they are twelve, thirteen, and sixteen. So now we are going to see if they would like to be baptized this coming Sunday and go find a church near them that believes in the book of Acts today like pastor said. I always felt that I was called to the office of evangelist but it is hard in a lot of churches for women to hold a office. I am just soooooo grateful to God for the eternal lives for my grandchildren and I know they will always be in the hands of God all thru their lives. Thank you so much for the prayers. The revival was sooooo wonderful and the Spirit of God so strong and even watching it from TV. I do hope to visit one of the tour if it comes close to Oklahoma. Thank you and God bless Pastor and family and all of you.

Elizabeth S
Hulbert Oklahoma United States

Summer Campmeeting | Priya U Testimony

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Dear Rodney Howard-Browne,
Thank you so much for praying for me and my family. I wished and prayed to know Christ better and find people who would help me in doing so. It’s really amazing that I’ve found not one but two girls who are devoted to Christ. Praise the Lord because in a country dominated by Hindus it’s difficult to find people who are devoted to serve Christ. I’m really happy and I want to thank God to have lead me to your site. God Bless You

Priya U
Gurgaon Haryana India