Carol Ann W. Testimony

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Before coming to the River at Tampa Bay church, I never knew and understood the importance of soul winning as I do now. I always thought people came to Christ at the altar in a church not outside the church. I also never knew I had the responsibility as a born again believer to win the lost.

That responsibility I thought was relegated only to the pastor. I would invite people to church but I never lead them to Christ. So when I came to the River and was introduced to Soul winning it was something new for me. I have been a Christian for many years but never attended a church where such importance and emphasis was put on winning the lost; and it was everyone’s responsibility.

I remember the first day I went soul winning it was on a Saturday and I knocked on several doors before I was able to lead someone to Christ. But when I did something took place inside of me. I felt satisfied. I was finally doing what the Lord had commanded. “Go ye therefore in all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.(NKJV Mark 16:15) That was a mandate not a request. Every time I go out I experience something different.

I find people searching for something to fill the void, many of them don’t know it’s Jesus until you introduce Him to them. I also find many of them know it Jesus but they are glad that someone cared enough to tell them. One evening after work I stopped at a gas station to get some gas and a young lady pulled up to the pump next to me. She had a child in the car and asks if I could keep an eye on him while she goes in to pay for the gas. I obliged.

When she came out I approached her and ask her if anyone told her God loves her and has a wonderful plan for her life? She began to weep and said the prayer. We talked for about 30 minutes after as she poured out her heart to me. That young lady and I spoke several times after and I was able to encourage her in the Lord. The gospel is indeed good news.

Angela T. Testimony

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Soul winning has changed my life; I just want to share a couple things that have happened during soul winning this past year while I have been at RBI. First of all God opened up a door in my home town for me to teach a group of Spanish people how to use the gospel soul winning script.

It’s one thing to lead someone to Jesus but it’s totally different having the opportunity to teach someone to lay up eternal treasure & watching them go out for the first time and lead people to Christ, that is the best sight to behold. The group I was going out on the streets with was so excited to learn about soul winning, the group kept on growing every week. That’s just one of the many incredible things that God has done through soul winning.

Now something that even came as a surprise to me, which it shouldn’t have because this is what Jesus is all about, the Lord is so good. I knocked on a door at the apartments where we were soul winning but no one answered so I waited for a while, as I was walking away my soul winning partner thankfully noticed the person had opened there door, so I ran back over to him & started sharing about Jesus.

It only took a few seconds before the guy let me know he was deaf, so I proceeded to write on a paper asking if I could pray for him, his response was a nod for yes. As I began to pray for his ears this boldness came over me like I never felt before, I knew God was going to open that mans ears. I did what I could imagine Jesus doing being led by the Holy Spirit I stuck my fingers in his ears and commanded them to be open in the name of JESUS, God not willing that his word would return him void did just as I prayed and opened the guys deaf ear, the man was so excited immediately he pointed to his other ear signifying for me to pray for that one as well.

The LORD opened his other ear too. Thank you JESUS, so after that he was able to hear me read him the script and he signed the whole prayer back to me. As my soul winning partner and I walked away we were just turning the corner as we heard the man start to yell in side because of what Jesus had done. That totally blew me away; you never know what the LORD is going to use you for when you go out to soul win. Leading people to Christ will shake this world if we all get out there and allow the LORD to use us!!!

Charlie H. Testimony

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Soul winning never use to be something that I had placed number on in my life. Like a lot of Christians I had just put it on the back burner because I thought that God would use someone else. I never thought that I need to do it even though I felt I was called to be a minister.

This year has been life changing for me though. I have a whole new outlook on the matter. I love people more and I can see the change in them and in myself. The Super soul winning Saturday before Easter I went out on the street with the church. I thought I would just get to see people get saved like normal.

But, this was something different. I went to the soul winning class and something happen. I felt an urgent feel to go and tell people. I saw these three guys and I just felt like I had to tell them about Christ. So, I stopped the guys and told them the gospel. They took it in then it got time for the prayer.

You could see that one guy meant it with his entire being. After seeing that I wanted and had to tell more people about Christ and his amazing love. I think that has really been something that soul winning has done for me. It has open my eyes to how much God loves me to use me in the way he does.

That same day someone got feel with the Holy Spirit and the group I was with couldn’t stop talking about it. It was a fire burning within us. It was something we were giving out. I have always stood on Psalms 2:8 in which it says, “Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.” It is not just talking about when I get a ministry it’s talking about now and today!

Matters of the Heart

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This week of classes in Matters of the heart opened my eyes to a new level of my relationship with God, others and myself. I could finally realize the importance of my heart and its purpose in my life.

I need to love God with everything that is in me. My heart controls both my body and it is the center of my being, who I am. It is the center of my spiritual life and human body. Everything within me needs to love God.

When I look into my heart I need to see to the attitude of it. The attitude to everything around me: God, others and myself, all of these are connected with each other. The attitude of my heart determines my life and destiny. We have two commandments “to love God and to love your neighbor as yourself”, and that needs to be my attitude. To always walk in love and my attitude of walking in love must be according to the love of God – unconditional.

The matters of my heart starts with me. I need to have a heart for myself and sort out all the junk that I have in it to get a new Godly heart. I have to start with loving myself with the love of God and then carry on with loving others. If I don’t love myself I can’t fulfill anything of what God has called me to do because I haven’t understood his first commandment. God can’t use me if my heart is not right. I need to take responsibility for my heart and put effort to get it right. I must let the word of God transform my heart, to a heart that he can freely use to reach others.

Everything that has to do with my life and my being comes down to the matters of my heart – for my life starts in my heart. (Pro 4:23)

I want to fulfill Gods plan with my life by having a pure and strong heart. I want God to be able to say that I was a woman after his own heart!

Winter Camp Meeting 2010 | Michaela Alfredsson Testimony

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As usual, there are a lot of things that needs to be done during a conference (ministers conference, winter camp meeting etc) and this week I was assigned to help out in some way in every service except from one. I either did worship, seating, café or RBI table and thought that it would be a busy week but still hoped that I could receive as much as possible from God and stay focused on what He wanted to do in and through me.

But even if my expectancy was high, God still topped my expectations once again! It is amazing how God can take you to places and situations you never thought you would visit and how He constantly can meet you in a new way.

During the whole week God spoke to me about His great plans for me, and that I must believe more in myself. I can do all things through Christ, who strengthen me. God spoke to me about that I am not just a servant that He wants to throw around and be a Big Boss to, but that I first and foremost am his beloved, precious daughter that He just wants to stay close to and love – and after that, I can spread that love forward to others. I just felt like God confirmed how much He loves me and that He is proud over me and what I am doing for His kingdom – how I am affecting other people. After Camp Meeting, I just felt so encouraged to keep on living for God in EVERYTHING I DO. Nothing else matters!

And then on one of the services when Pastor Rodney was called up all the international people and were praying for our nations, God once again reminded me of the dream I have in my heart to go back to Sweden and bring this fire and joy that I have experienced here! When I heard all the preaching about God’s fire on Winter Camp Meeting, I really felt that this is what Sweden need! I’ve known that for a long time, but as I said, the dream got reborn!