Darwin Z. Testimony

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When I first came down to the River for school people told me about soul winning and I had already experienced going out on the streets before back home when Pastor Josh Radford went to my church and introduced the soul winning script to my church. I went out but I was very scared and I didn’t really get to talk to many people.

At the end of the day I maybe prayed with 2 people. We went out a couple of times that week but every time we went out I got the same results. When school started and they told us that we had to go out soul winning I was so scared of doing it because I didn’t know how to go out but I knew I had to go out. One day Pastor Todd made an announcement about the Great Awakening Tour in Washington D.C. and I was sitting next to Flo and Estefani and they both suggested to me that I should go, so I thought alright, if God provides a way for me to go, I’ll go.

The same day someone came up to me and told me that he had some reward points in Southwest Airlines that he wasn’t going to use and that I could use them to go to Washington. When I was in Washington they sent us out to the street to soul win and was terrified, I was in a city that I had never been before, doing something I was comfortable doing anyway but I was determined to do it, and do good at it and overcome my fear. One day I was out in the streets and I got beat up by 6 Muslim guys and God protected me through the whole thing.

I didn’t feel one punch or kick. When I got up after they ran away I felt fire all over my body in the spots of where they had hit me and God told me that I was doing a good job and that sometimes I would have go through some persecution for doing His will. So that made me lose my fear of soul winning and at the end of the G.A.T. I ended up leading over 300 people to the Lord.

Daniel W. Testimony

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The last few weeks I had been soul winning in the streets, and then I told Pastor Daniel that I would help John Hawkins III with Belmont Heights. He said that he would get back to me, and that he would let me know as to what I would do. I waited for a few days, and he said he wanted to have a meeting with me concerning an outreach. I was shock to find out that he wanted me to head-up an outreach at Robles Park.

He told me to get a team together, and put some sermons together. I had only a few days of preparation until I launched out on Weds at the Park. The first meeting I had at Robles, I didn’t really know how it would turn out or how many people would show up. We could advertise or do anything in that arena, because HUD was inspecting the neighborhood. I was expecting no more than 5 people at max.

The first meeting, Wes and I took a ride down to Robles Park. We discussed some issues that could arise concerning my team, order, and John’s success points at Belmont. We arrived there and nobody was there and nothing. Wes asked me where I wanted to setup. I pointed to a shaded area around the park next to the baseball field.

We got setup and only to find out that people started to come when we started to worship. Wow! We had service right across from people doing drugs and a main street. God started sending people are way with Steve leading worship along with Gerardy. We had revival in the middle of the worst neighborhoods in Tampa. We had 15 decisions for Christ! Second meeting we had 21 decisions. The last meeting we had 27 decisions. This week we are expecting 300 decisions for Christ!

Clover W. Testimony

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Soul winning is such a wonderful experience for me. I am always surprised and how the Holy Spirit works in me when I lead people to the Lord with our soul winning script. I am amazed at how the Holy Spirit gives me such a boldness to ask the famous question “Has anyone told you that God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life”. It amazes me when I do precede with the script the responses I get from people. I particularly remember this one time I presented the question to a group of people sitting on their porch.

They looked like family or neighbor and they were all talking together and smoking. I knew that if I was going to get their attention I had to be extremely loud and bold. So I remember that I walked up to them with a smile and quickly got their attention by introducing myself to them and proceeding with the script as I looked at each one of them while I was talking I could see such a reference for God come on them. Some bowed their head as they prayed and some put out their cigarette.

I knew the Holy Spirit was at work and they were really listening to what was being said to them. They all proceeded to say the pray and even encouraged someone who had come out of the house at the end to do the same and she gave her life to Christ. I get so excited when I meet people and God uses me to present Him. I consider it such an honor to represent Him and to show His love towards others. Soul winning has changed my life because now I feel I have purpose and that I am actually making a difference in the world for Christ.

Chris F. Testimony

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When our team went to Wal-Mart last Monday I was able to speak to this woman who had her head covered. She appeared Arab and had her head covered. She was sitting on a curb with a cart as waiting for someone as I approached her toward the middle of the parking lot.

I took the opportunity to speak with her and went through the gospel script with her. Sometimes I don’t actually read it word for word to the person because I have it memorized (although many times it is very helpful to read it together with person ministering to), but I felt it was important this time for the woman to read it with me as there may have been a misunderstanding with potentially not knowing perfect English (language barrier), etc.

She understood better than I thought however. This woman didn’t know where she was going when she died so I went over the verses with her and told her I am about to pray for her. The woman didn’t feel comfortable with me laying my hand on her shoulder and I could sense that so I removed my hand from touching her as I was about to pray. I took the initiative and prayed a prayer of blessing/protection over her. She ended up saying the prayer of salvation and said thank you before I left.

I reminded her that to never run from God but to Him because HIs arms are open wide and mercies never every morning. As I was leaving i prayed for the Lord to mark her, to even start to give her dreams and visions in the night, to MARK HER. I pray that from time to time as I leave after praying for people.