Bruce K. Testimony

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I have watched your show for now the third week in a row…I was touched by and convicted by the messages on thankfulness…this weeks shows with the Pastor and his wife on the life of their daughter Kelly, and their loss seven years ago this Christmas touched me as I am going through a season of loss NOW myself…when calling for prayer I rededicated my life to Christ on December 21, and now on December 23rd have received the gift of tongues…Interestingly enough I felt led to Google (LOL) my first words in that tongue and they led me to a website that speaks of a career path that I have been led to consider…teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL)…I wont go into detail, but had first been introduced to this idea on my first trip outside the country back in May of this year…God seemed to be tugging at my heart to go into missions work then, as many years ago…perhaps this was God’s way of confirming and guiding me as we prayed this very night, December 23rd for His guidance…and so now I have it…when we ask for bread God does not give us a stone!  God is doing something in my life, taking away the old, and giving me new dreams and ambitions to reach for, beauty for ashes, and I believe life to the full that I have been missing for some time…    God bless you for your ministry…and for your prayers!!!