Allen B. Testimony

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In my internship here at Revival Ministries International I am the Personal Assistant to the Dean of the River Bible Institute/River School of Worship,  Dr. Todd Holmes. What I am learning in my internship that really stands out to me is small things that people wouldn’t think to much of. Like how to use computer programs like Word or Excel! These are practical office things, but learning these things will give me the ability to do these things myself when I am in ministry on my own.

By doing it myself I will save my ministers thousands of dollars. I will not have to hire outside people and pay them a ton of money that could have been used for something much more important. If one knows how to do graphic arts and video editing they would be able to make their clips the way you want them to look. With the ability to do more things in house rather to go outside of house to have things done is a source of good stewardship even though you will have to go out of house to be accountable with some things. If you can save money in your own life, why not do the same for your ministry! With God’s money!