Ministers Conference 2010 – Boris L. Testimony

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Minister’s Conference was a whole new experience for me. Never have I been in a environment where minster’s and leaders where the ones actually receiving. I am not used to seeing pastors and leaders being prayed for or being trained. The entire special guest had such powerful messages that shouldn’t be applied just to pastors or leaders, but to any believer as well.

The word of God speaks very powerfully when it comes to the topic of tithing. It taught so much about just putting our faith on the line. It stretched us so much in our faith in God and to actually realize what it is to “press in”. The Lord has called on many but few have chosen to actually follow. Great wonders and signs come through the believer. As ministers and pastors, so many points where covered on how a church should tithe, be a blessing to others, the “do’s and don’ts”.

Spreading the gospel should be the primary commandment a believer should follow and especially as a leader or pastor. To stretch out your blessings, to sow to a higher lever so you can blessed in return. Ministers Conference was a life changing experience in our eyes. Especially for the students who are called to full time ministry. To acquire knowledge of things that may come once we become preaches, pastors, or leaders. The lord wants us to follow his voice and be guided by the spirit even through the struggles. Ministers Conference affected my life positively as the anointing and presence of God filled us each night!!!!

Minister’s Conference 2010 – Karen C. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

I am totally overjoyed at all that God has done in the Ministers Conference 2010! My faith has been completely transformed and raised to another level from this conference. I pressed in to receive all that God had for me and I am so grateful that the Holy Spirit increased my strength to plug in to Helps ministry of hospitality and worship, while even working 25 hours at my job. I knew that the JOY of the Lord was my strength and I stood on Psalm 91:1. I received more than enough rest for my soul. There were nights, even after midnight that I was not tired and my husband and I just rested under the anointing. We wanted more! We could see the vision God had for us! Singing in the No Limits Choir for our conference theme song twice a day, really embedded the words of the song down into my spirit. I started to get it more and more and it was as if light bulbs were going off every day!

I believe that my husband and I are going to be blessed with a house! And we believe God for increase in every area of our lives! We believe God for increase in our finances, our health, our business, our family, our ministry, and our walk with the Lord. There are no boundaries. Pastor Rodney explained that the only boundaries that we have is our own lack of faith. So, that moved us to be able to start believing God for the supernatural! It even spoke to us about getting our finances in order and believing God for a business opportunity. We have many dreams and we look forward to following the call of God for our lives. No conformity, but only to follow His plan and His will, so that His kingdom is established here on earth. The speakers were all incredible and we took a lot of good notes. We want to be “warriors vs worriers”. We want to manifest the “glory and the power of God”. We want a “holy indignation”, “perseverance, authority, faith and might.” We want to be the representation of Jesus Christ as we are in His family, in His “bloodline”, sharing His “DNA”, created in His very image! No limits in our lives! But we will allow God to stretch forth, break forth, release us, and enlarge our territory!