Shawnalee F. Testimony

This week I have been sitting in Great awakening services. I am getting hungrier then I have ever been while in these services. The fire has been burning out the junk in my life as I yield to the Holy Spirit. I have gotten more on fire to see those who do not have Jesus in their heart accept Christ.

So out on the streets I went and led young people outside a high school to Jesus. I was given a boldness to speak to groups of young people.  This is the first time I have been able to talk to more than one person at a time. I got to see these young people come to the Lord.

While I was talking to a young lady, a woman who had gotten out of her car, came walking toward me. When I was finished talking to the girl, this woman hugged me. She wanted to commend us for being out here telling these kids about Jesus Christ. She stated that there are way too many graves in the grave yard, housing the bodies of young people who died, not knowing about Jesus Christ. Her statement is reality and not just for the young, but for all of those who do not have someone to tell them that God loves each of them ,before their lives come to an end. I want to be a part of bringing this message to those who are lost and dying out there. I am changed and I want to show others the freedom of a life in Christ. Thank you Jesus -Shawnalee F.

That’s the main prayer of the particular service and they said, “Yes, we would like for you to do it”.

The presence of God is so strong

The services have been absolutely amazing! The presence of God is so strong. I had the privilege of serving in the call center. So many people called that were hungry for more of God.  A 20 year old youth named Mason called for the fire of God and I asked him “how are you feeling” and he said “I’m stuck to the couch and can’t get up and I feel the presence of God all over me” then he also got filled with the joy of the Lord. A lady called in who was suffering from depression and addicted to her medication she got filled with the baptism in the Holy Ghost and the joy of the Lord. Another lady called because she was believing for a financial breakthrough and needed a job. I prayed for her and then asked if she needed prayer for anything else. She said she needed healing because she has been in a wheelchair for 2 years. I read her scriptures on healing and prayed for her. She began to walk and was healed by the power of God in the mighty name of Jesus! Hallelujah! People are getting saved, baptized in the Holy Ghost, healed, delivered, and set ablaze.  God is moving in the services and also in the call center. If you need a touch from God call the phone number on the screen. -Jacky K.

So I bowed my head and thousands of people began to repeat with me…Our Father, (our father), who art in heaven (who art in heaven), then I went blank.