Janice D. Testimony

This winter camp meeting has been the most amazing time! Very busy yet so full of God!  He is bringing His people together to be one in The Holy Spirit!  It is almost like we are in melting pot of fire! Each day was so different and powerful, of course, God knows what He is doing and wanting to bring to pass at the River.  It is as though the River is the ‘epicenter’ of the shaking that is taking place not just in America but around the globe, just like an earthquake shakes the earth, this move of God is beginning to shake the churches and shake this nation!

All that is not of God and His Kingdom will fall, it cannot stand!  To see people coming alive to God is the most wonderful thing! To see the church, ‘the sleeping giant’ waking up is great but about time! Complacency, comfort zones and our worldly tendencies have to go for all of those choosing the narrow path we are to walk daily!  My favorite time of the meetings was as we sang Holy Holy Holy! God’s tangible presence and His Holiness was manifest! Holiness is so needed back in the Body of Christ!  I believe this move of The Holy Spirit will continue, gather momentum and will eventually usher in Jesus return!  So it is the beginning of the end of the beginning!  -Janice D.

I got to the end of the prayer and I said, “Let’s recite together as we always do, the Lord’s Prayer”.

Nicole M. Testimony

Ever since the start of the New Year I have been challenging myself to go deeper and be more intimate with the Lord. I wanted this year to be different and really make it mean something. I made a vow to God that I didn’t want to hurt Him anymore and that I would fully devote myself to Him. It has been a major blessing and honor to serve and sit in these meetings that we are having. The vision of the Great Awakening Tour is something that is changing the lives of millions of people. To think that I am a part of this history is mind blowing! I have made it a point to sit in at least two meetings as well as serve in two meetings. God laid it on my heart to be a part of the call center which has been a truly humbling experience.

The effect that these meetings are having on people all around the world is crazy to think about because so many people who did not know about soul winning are now jumping on board and telling everyone they can find about Jesus! I am so glad that I did begin to challenge myself and go deeper and not be complacent because I do not want to be left behind on what is happening right now! I encourage everyone to join in on this, watch us LIVE on CTN every night at 7:30pm and then again at 11:30pm and get INVOLVED! Don’t be left behind while everyone else around you moves forward in the things of God! Walk in your calling and purpose of God and start populating Heaven!! –Nicole M.

I wrote out the Lord’s Prayer because I was not going to mess up my first big assignment. -.

Hannah P. Testimony

The other day, I was on the phone during evening broadcast and I was amazed at some of the prayer request that came in. One gentleman wanted prayer for his dog that was hit in the mouth and needed stitches. Another man wanted his friend to return his phone calls. After I prayed for both requests, I hung up the phone, wondering what kind of call I would get next! It was not long before the phone rang again. I answered, and on the other line was a Jamaican lady who desperately wanted prayer for her marriage. She said her husband met up with his high school sweetheart who he had not seen in twenty years. He said they were just friends, but he now is sending her presents and calling her every night. This broken woman poured out her broken heart to me and cried as she told me her story. I prayed against the attack of the devil that was coming at her marriage and family.

Then I prayed for peace and joy fill her and her family. As the joy of the Lord started to bubble out of her, she started laughing uncontrollably. We both laughed and thanked God for the work that He was doing in her marriage. After that phone call, I viewed the phone ministry in a whole new way. People call in who are literally on the verge of life or death. They are depending on my prayers to bring them through and help them. There is a real seriousness and responsibility that comes with the phone ministry and it is a privilege to be able to help in that area. –Hannah P.

I read these prayers and so I wrote out a prayer using the King’s English, a very high priestly prayer, “thee”s and “thou”s and “shalf’s and I had everything grammatically correct.