Mary F. Testimony

I am seeing something with the Great Awakening that I have only dreamed of but had given up hope it would ever happen.  It is the first glimpse of unity in the body of Christ.  Ministries are coming together under the banner of the church to serve the heard of the church, the Lord Jesus, in fulfilling His great commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  Finally it is no longer about one man.  It’s about Jesus and His body doing what we were created and designed to do.  Go into all the world and preach the gospel.

I heard a minister recently explain that the world spoken of in the context of the great commission is not the earth.  It is the world system.  He called it the Babylonian system that hates Jesus.  It’s for all of those in that system that He died.  The minister said we go into that system with the wealth of the Kingdom of God to seek and save that which is lost.

Many men and women over the centuries have made significant impacts on this world system for the glory of God, but now we are seeing something entirely different.  Every member of the body of Christ is stepping up to the plate.  They are coming to Tampa from everywhere to receive the fire of God and then go back to their home towns and proclaim the good news.  -Mary F

I had my prayer laminated right here in my Bible and I walk up and threw it on the pulpit and I grabbed the pulpit like this and I began to pray this high priestly prayer and folks, everything was going great.

Edijs L. Testimony

Another amazing week is over. Another week of saved souls, healings and also touched people. I am so happy to see what God is doing to people.

First when I was in the call center this week to minister to people that was amazing to see how hungry they are. It is not just about them wanting to be saved or just get a prayer for the need that they have. It is about acknowledging who is the One Who God and ruler in heaven and on earth. There was one guy who is so hungry for the things of God that he is desperate and discouraged by his church who don’t want to do anything else as only to have an hour long meeting and that’s it. But after the prayer he was so encouraged to go out on the streets and change people lives.

There was another lady who had an issue with her back. As I understood she was suffering for years from really difficult issue in her body. She have to go to make X-ray next week to see how has that progressed. After we prayed for healing she said that pain is gone. Now she actually wants to make X-ray to make sure that everything is gone and to show everybody that Jesus is the healer!

Today I went out on the streets to soul-win and I have done this for a while now buy I’m still amazed how power of God can humble down even most overconfident guys. There was one guy from Jamaica who wanted to talk me out of soul-wining. What I did was took his hand to just pray for him. And guess what? Few moments later, the gentlemen was praying the prayer of salvation and barely holding himself together not to start to weeping. God is doing amazing! -Edijs L.

And that’s what I did. I was sitting there in those giant throne chairs you know, the solo ended, and the organ, so I walked up there. –