Amber S. Testimony

Since I have been here at Bible College the Lord has been providing for me financially and a place to live. I have not stretched my faith in such a way like I have since I came down to Bible College. God has healed my broken heart and taken away grief from losing my Mother last year.

God has rekindled the flame that once had burned bright but through hardships in life went very dim. Growing up in church I knew God but I ran from my calling and God had his hand on my life in a powerful way. When Pastor Rodney came to my Grandfather’s church I was a young girl and when he laid his hands on me I never experienced the Holy Ghost like I did that night.

When I was 16 I lived in Tampa with my Father and I remember sitting in the service seeing people with joy and thinking that it was crazy….little did I know I was going to get it a short time after, it was like the scripture talking about a strong and mighty wind and before I knew it I was on the floor laughing uncontrollably……that lasted from 10:30 pm until 2:00 am!!!! I had never experienced the joy until that night. I had got a touch from God but I didn’t have a change that needed to happen.

Now being back and also going to Bible College has changed my life completely; I have been getting smacked with the fire from crying uncontrollably to laughing uncontrollably!! I have been out soul winning leading people to the Lord. I have a Holy boldness like never before and I love it. I thank God for using Pastor Rodney and Pastor Adonica to be lead by the Spirit…..Amber S.

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