Bennie F. Testimony

I was truly shocked when I was given the scholarship to RBI, when we were told that we would be tested I was not ready for the level that I was to be test, I was test financially from day one.

However I have learned to trust the LORD more.

My experience at RBI has thus far been a positive one, I had only led one person to the Lord prior to coming to RBI, however sense being here I have had the pleasure of leading at least one each week to the LORD.

The Lord did tell me that the money I am needing for fuel will be there as I need it.

And he also said he will not let me fail.

Even thou I am just truly beginning in the ministry even thou I was called in 1993, it has been far easier than I had anticipated to lead someone to the LORD.

I have been lifted up far more than I had anticipated before coming to RBI.

This is a good thing because I had not had any ministers really talk loving and plain to me as I have in the short time I have been here.

Although I have not received a touch like some one else may have from the holy spirit, and I am not comparing myself with anyone else, I do know that the power will be there when he and the power is needed.

If the LORD has touched me in any other way it will take time to know in what way I have been touched.

I will simply have to take it one day at a time to find out what more he has for me.

I know what he has promised just not the timing.

Rodney Howard Browne: I’m going “Oh no!” and I’m about in tears, so I’m walking and I happen to sit down by my mom on the front row and my mom leaned over to me and she said something that only a mother could say.

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