Cheryl R. Testimony

The layers are being peeled off one at a time! It is quite painful at times. The Lord is showing me a picture of myself, my heart, and is going deep within and delivering and restoring me.  He is revealing what must go and be replaced with more of Him. The transition from Center Island to being here at RBI has been an act of amazing grace.  My Lord has heard my cry for more, for more of Him!!!

But now, I have come, yes I have come to a place of refuge and of strength, and that strength is being instilled in me by the Holy Spirit.  I am receiving and I grow stronger each and every day and with the continual filling and boldness of the Holy Ghost standing up within me.  I am flying with His anointing to save the lost!  I thank God that I am well fed here at RBI to overflowing so that I may pour out of what has been given to me to others.  I consider it an honor to be able to work and be trained in the ministries here at “The River Church”.  Thank you so very much for the generous gifts you have given me to come to school at RBI…..Cheryl R.

Isaiah chapter 49 and I’ll read verses 14 and 15. Isaiah is in the Old Testament. Isaiah chapter 49 verses 14 and 15.

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