Danielle W. Testimony

I am totally different. I cannot fully describe in detail the changes that have taken place, but in one simple phrase, “I feel brand new.”

The best way that I can describe what has happened over the last three weeks is that I have been marinating in the Word and the anointing. Like a good marinade, the combination is breaking me down to the person God had in mind. So many things have bubbled up to the surface. My flesh has been crucified and then burnt with the fire. The fire of God is going deeper, down to the inner core, touching the “small” things that must change.

Since I have been here, I now understand that a pure heart is the starting point. When I first arrived, the fire made my heart tender again. God is renewing my mind to not care about the temporal things, but to focus on eternity. I can feel the weights and sin falling off. Now, I not only know that I am free based on the Word, but I feel free. Freedom lives on the inside.

The first time I noticed the difference was in praise and worship. I could jump, wave my hands, and shout without holding back. I felt lighter. I know it’s not all about feelings, but I am different. I have been made free. I have a new song! I am freer to do what God has called me to do. My thoughts are changing; the song in my heart is sweeter; life is sweeter. My old life is gone! It’s like I’ve started over and this is how I have always lived. I am in the right place at the right time, in the perfect will of God, and there is no other place I would rather be…Danielle W.

talking about the images in our minds, of our eyes, and we’re going to focus on this deep concept called “mother love”.

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