David R. Testimony

How has my life changed in the past few weeks since coming to RBI, in 300 words? When I first heard the assignment I figured it would be easy. That turned out to be wrong. The problem with the question is that as I reflected on the past three weeks I didn’t feel anything extraordinary had taken place. Actually, after being here for the last three weeks I began to doubt whether or not I was right for RBI. I sat in the church watching people fall under the power of the Holy Ghost, yet I felt nothing. Despite prayer and hands from the Pastor, I lacked the “fire” that so many others seemed to automatically have.

My journey to RBI started on a hospital bed after a half month battle with a dangerous infection. I was awaken from a medicated sleep to find my TV on channel 2. Two things were unusual about my awakening. One, it was 1:30 A.M. when my monitor’s alarm woke me. However, there was no reason for my monitor to go off. Second and more importantly, I fell asleep praying, asking God to lead me to a place where I could grow.

Without going into my complete testimony, my whole journey to this point has been amazing but the past few weeks have been challenging. It hasn’t been very long but I feel like I’ve lost something again and when I see everyone at RBI so anointed I began to wonder if I had sinned and lost my way. It wasn’t till tonight that I remembered that faith is a beautiful thing. The hardest thing about faith is that when we want the answers the quickest it seems to be the time that God is expecting us to press in and believe.

I realized that in the last few weeks that I have gone under construction. Sometimes when you’re building the foundation you don’t know how awesome the structure is going to look when it’s done; only that it’s going to be awesome. If I had to summarize what I’ve experienced in the last few weeks then it would be, that during construction sometimes a moment of pause helps you realize that God is working all of the timeā€¦.

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