Deborah Testimony

The message on the Parable of the Sower has brought light into my soul that I have to prepare my ground for the seeds to germinate, grow and bring forth fruit.  Planting seeds on a hard ground will never bring harvest. It is a waste of time.  I am responsible for the preparation of my heart.  I must expose my heart to the word of God and avail myself before the presence of God.

The word of God is the seed, and every seed must be planted on a prepared ground, that has been broken. The stones must be removed, the ground fertilized and moist.  The ground is my heart.  My heart has to be touched and revived.  Revival is breaking the fallow ground of my heart and preparing me to receive the seed which is the word of God.  The word is a hammer which breaks the ground. It is the fire that burns every chaff.  It is the mirror which exposes me to myself so that I can  make adjustments. It is a two edged sword which chops off every weed and thorn that may try to choke and stop the plant from growing.

The fruit does not come without hard work.  I have realized that I have to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling in order to reap a thirty, sixty or hundred fold harvest.   I must be quick to obey and repent when God convicts me of issues that are stopping my progress.  I must protect my heart from offences and sin.  I must be a doer of the word of God and obey God in every area of my life. I must purpose in my heart to live right, humble myself, submit to the word of God and obey the Holy Spirit at all times. The purity of God’s word proclaimed from a pure heart will bring forth a bountiful harvest.


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