Qaanita Testimony

I thought I was hungry for God before but then the Lord began to break my heart for souls and ministry and my hunger to see destiny deepened.  An unexplainable yearning to see the call of God fulfilled has captivated my heart and my desire to see the harvest come in has grown.  I asked the Lord to give me guidance and direction to see the vision that he has placed on the inside of me come to pass.  Revival got a hold of me and I just began to fall more and more in love with Jesus and develop a compassion for people like I never had before.  I then made a decision that I was just going to keep seeking God and stay faithful to work He has planned for me.  A determination to stay focused and pick up my cross daily came over me and I was filled with power from on high, special anointing of faith to keep pressing forward and not grow tired or weary. It was as though the spirit began to quicken my body to press through and my mind was clear from all the distractions that this world brings.  I am reminded by the Holy Spirit that I cannot miss God’s plan for my life while I am faithful and my heart is perfect toward Him.


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