Zante P. Testimony

I came back to Tampa 3 weeks ago expecting God to do great things this year. I have decided to make this the year of breakthrough and surrendering everything I have to God. He has done an amazing work in me since I’ve been here and He has taken me to a new level. I have grabbed a hold of the principle of sowing and reaping and it has become a major part of my everyday life. The great commission is not and event but an everyday life style to me.

God is a God of love and mercy and He reveals His goodness to me daily in different ways. God is there to comfort you in times of need and He promised to give you the desires of your heart. He will provide in all of our needs and He will take us from glory to glory. He wants to see us prosper and wants to open the flood gates of heaven for us. God has provided me with everything I needed and He is still providing. We just have to ask Him and remind Him. Have the faith to believe that you have already received it and then wait for the manifestation….Zante P.

She whispered to my ears these words, “Your voice sounded real good”. I said, “Mom, thanks a lot. I’ve blown the Lord’s Prayer.-

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